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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Love Revolution

Hello friends, its been ages since i wrote anything here. I just came across an article i wrote sometime last year for an online christain site. I hope you like it.

By Brenda Paul

Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. (1 John 4:7-8)

Love is the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. In the philosophical context, love is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion and affection. In the religious context, love is not just a virtue but the basis for all beings and the foundation of all divine laws.
The word Love can refer to a variety of different feelings, states and attitudes, ranging from generic pleasure to intense interpersonal attraction. Love can refer to the passionate desire and intimacy of romantic love to the sexual love of eros (the Greek word for love) to the emotional closeness of familial love or platonic love that defines friendship, to the profound devotion of religious love. Love most times is referred to as the “international language”, overriding cultural and linguistic divisions.
Revolution on its own is a sudden, radical and complete change from the ways things are normally done. They are usually ignited by one person or a very small group of people who are unwilling to continue living the way they have lived in the past.
From history we would see that the whole world at some point in time had gone through a revolution phase. Examples of such are the American Revolution, French Revolution, Bolshevik Revolution (Also, called the Russian Revolution), Industrial Revolution etc. All of these revolutions even if they led to the loss of many lives and even innocent ones, brought about a radical change in the lives of the people of those places.
With all said, we would go straight to our topic which is the Love Revolution. From our definitions of both words - Love and Revolution; Love Revolution would simply mean to bring about a drastic, radical and unselfish change into the lives of people around us (whether intimately or not).
We live in a time whereby people do not even know how to show love to their loved ones talk more of those who are regarded as strangers to them. The on gift God gave us(humans) that distincts us from all he created is “CHOICE”. The choice to choose GOOD not EVIL, the choice to love unconditionally, the choice to give without expecting anything in return, the choice to serve or not to serve without expecting to be praised.
Whatever problems are in this great country Nigeria is all as a result of lack of Love; for ones neighbor, ones people, ones justice system, ones laws of the land….etc.
There is violence everywhere in the world and people are not happy. As Joyce Meyers stated in her book “The Love Revolution”, the root and cause of the problems of the world is selfishness: someone saying “I want what I want and I am going to do whatever I need to do to get it”.  We all want to live and enjoy all the good things of life but fail to understand that, the God who created these good things, gave them to you for a purpose; to share and put a smile on someone’s face.
We need to love and show love to your neighbor, your child, colleague, stranger, friend and even your spouse. They need to see it and also feel it. Make Love an action not just mere words.
1 Corinthians 13:4-7(NIV) gives us what I would call the best definition of love - Love is Patient, Love is Kind. It does not envy, It does not boast, it is not proud, it is not rude, it is not self seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps not record of wrongs, Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes and always perseveres.
Precisely, two month ago in the month of December, we celebrated the Christmas season, which most people refer to as the period to show love to the less privileged. Look deep down within yourself and ask this question-Who did you extend a hand of love to? We do not always have to wait for a period of celebration to show love or care to anyone. You can do it every day. It would not wear you down.
No man living on the surface of this earth is perfect but we al strive to be like Christ. I am also not perfect but one thing I know about love is, if you want the best out of someone or even out of a situation – show them some love or put some love into the situation and believe it me you would get the best.
Care for one’s self alone has led to the destruction of many lives. Today we find youths between the ages of 15-24 committing suicide there by allowing for the rates of suicides among the young ones to be more rapid than it has been in the past. This is all because they have no one to listen to them, talk to and with them, to share their problems with and ultimately to show them some love. So to them they allow the lies of the devil pave way and take their own lives.
The world looks at love as sexual love with people believing or saying that the only way one can show or feel love is through sex. My beloved, pleas this is a LIE which the devil has been using right from the time of old to deceive people. The bible says Love is not self-seeking, so why would love only be sexual in nature to be right or feel right. You do not need to be sexually involved with a man or woman to experience that glorious feeling called love. One thing is sexually relationships begat insecurities. Love is patient so if he or she loves you they would be patient.
This month of February is referred to as the month of Love because of Valentine’s Day (a day people celebrate without knowing the origin). Get out of your comfort zones and do something different than you have been doing in the previous years, share and show love to someone/anyone who is in need of love (I do not mean sexually now). Be the change everyone is looking for, do not wait for others to do something before you decide to do anything.
Joyce Meyers (my favorite author) outlined in her book “The Love Revolution”; 18 things the bible says we can and should do for one another:
1.      Watch over one another
2.      Pray for one another
3.      Be mindful to be a blessing
4.      Look for kindness we can express to others
5.      Be friendly and hospitable
6.      Be patient with one another
7.      Bear with others’ faults and weaknesses
8.      Give others the benefit of the doubt
9.      Forgive one another
10. Comfort one another
11. Be faithful
12. Be loyal
13. Build up one another-encourage others, reminding them of their strengths when they feel weak
14. Be happy for people when they are blessed
15. Prefer one another(let someone go ahead of us to give them the best something)
16. Consider one another
17. Keep people’s secrets and don’t tell their faults
18. Believe the best of one another
As a child one very important lesson my mother taught my siblings and I is to always show love to anyone regardless of their status because only God knows tomorrow. Do not think of what you would achieve in return or gain. Love unconditionally. Let us learn from God himself. He paved the way of love for us by sending his only son to die for us just to redeem us from our sinful ways. So if God could do it, who are you - mere man who would not want to love. Love conquers all. You can save someone from committing suicide or even committing a gravely sin (abortion, adultery, prostitution, Homosexuality, etc).
With all said and done I pray for you that God gives you the Grace with a heart to love and a heart to be the change of this new generation. Be the difference in this world unlike the world our parents or fore fathers left behind for us. Start something today, start from your homes, neighborhood, your schools, your offices, etc. Let us all start, develop and be the Love Revolution of this generation.
To conclude this write up I leave you with these words which I have made my creed and suggest you do same:  
I take up compassion and surrender my excuses.
I stand against injustice
and commit to live out simple acts of God’s Love.
I refuse to do nothing. This is my resolve.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Its been like forever since i was here....

Am sure many of you have been wondering whatever happened to me???
If i told you u would not believe it but i would all the same....I had a terrible fire experience in the flat i stayed in Febraury....we lost every single thing that we owned physically....It was a very traumatic experience and i am not sure if i have recovered fully from it psychologically but i know that i am grateful to God that he brought us all out of that fire...It could have been worse...it could have been our lives...material things can be bought again, documents can be re-gotten but life has no duplicate......
Someone who i hold very close to my heart has and is teaching me how to let go and let God because where there is life there is hope....He has made me understand that it could have been worse but it was not....
I still remember that night very clearly, like it was yesterday...all that smoke, all those flames...the entrappment in the apartment....Only one thing was on his mind..."We have to get out of this house NOW"....I was scared to my bones...i couldnt breath...gosh, my headaches from the hit...hopsitals...none open...am slipping away gradually but my mind keeps singing this song....God is able to do what he says he would do, he's gonna fulfil everything he says he would, do not give up on God because he wont give up on you....i kept that playing in my mind......finally a hospital, all i can remember is a nurse putting a needle through my skin and then its morning, he is laying by my bedside......wow....too many questions...did the fire service show up? where you people able to bring out anything? and all the answers were NO NO NO NO....i could not bring myself to stop the tears cry i kept having some believe that some how things would not be as bad as they turned out to be...........

Do not mind me i am just reliving the sad event and i got carried away...Its 7months now and God has been very faithful...we may not have gotten back all that we lost but we have our lives and we are still here in the month of October 2011.....who else could have done such, if not papa God......

I would also love to say a big thank you to all those where there during this period; Yosola, Bibi, Sele, Adaeze, Eduvie&Martin, Bimbo&Toaheeb, Ifueko Oviawe, Esosa Daniel-Niko, Mr Akin, Tosin, Dr Gbadegesin, Ebun&Austin, Tony Okwechime, Tim Bonkant, Tolu Mark, Doyin George, Tayo&Yomi Awoyale, Lizzy Gavy, Tobi Martins....I love you guys........to the rest of you who i didnt mention and were there.....thank you and may God continue to bless you....

But special thanks goes to Lez.....you have been amazing this whole time, you have been a source of encouragement, and you have tried to be there in the best way......thanks for everything and may God continue to bless you.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Miss Roman Rouge

This is a hype for my friend Tunrayo Egbeyemi(Miss Hippie)

I always wanted to start my own blog but i always gave myself one excuse or the other.....She started out her own blog sometime last year and it has given me the courage to finally start mine.

So my dear friends and followers please read, comment & follow her blog;


Very Nice Girl (But i have never told her...*smiling*)


We bearly have 4 days to the end of this month January and 337 days to the end of the year 2011. That is we have spend 28 days out of the 365 days we have in this year. What can you say you have achieved or done on earth that if you go back to your creator today, would be accounted for you as Glory???

I remember vividly this time last month (that is 28th December 2010) , when i was all crawled up in bed, where if not with the help of a nebulizer i would not be able to breath all because the devil was beating his chest proudly saying "she would not make it to 2011" but God being ever faithful told him "Not this one, she has not yet completed the work that i brought her to this earth to do and even so her life is entirely in my hands not yours".....

I am so sure not many people had the same privilege i had to make it to this new year 2011 and some who even made it are not alive to see this day. I cannot count how many deaths i have heard about right from the 2nd of January 2011 till this very moment i am typing this.

How many of you wake up every morning and Thank God?
How many of you go out and are able to make it back home?
How many of you go to bed at night and still Thank God?

We take life for granted many atimes forgetting that our life is in God's hands.

I for one is guilty of this offence but i have learnt to correct my wrong and embrace everyday that i wake up breathing without any medical help to Thank God.

We should make it a habit to Thank God for everything. The bible says "In All Things Give Thanks"...The Bible did not say "In some things give thanks"....I know the economy may seem hard, there is no food to eat, no money to buy cloths, or pay the school fees, house rents are hiking up, baby daipers are too expensive, there are no job vacancies...ETC....You just keep thanking him.....

You may ask what for?...What has God done for me that i am thanking him???.....Go Pay a Visit to Orthopedic Specialist Hospital (you would see people who cannot walk or have lost certain parts of their body) or You take a drive down Akin Adesola Street, Like from where the Ikoyi bridge ends and the street begins like 3am (you would see many people sleeping peacefully because they have no home)...There are many other things i would ask you to do but all i would still be saying is in all things thank God....

He sees everything and he would surely answer your prayers....Do not give up on God because he would not give up on you.

Iya Miiiii

You went through the Pains and Joys of carrying me in your womb for 9 months.
You watched me grow and say my first word at the age of 4 months "MUMMY" (which you said scared you).
You watched me take my first baby steps at the age of 9 months (i must really have been wierd as a kid).
You where and have always been there every step of the way guiding me through life.
We have fought, argued, gossiped, quarreled but you have always listened and understood me.
You never judged me when i made my decisions (especially when it is school related....lol) but you always give me the best advice (which most atimes i do not adhere to).
You have laughed with me, watched me cry and dried my tears.(remembering those nights and days i would seat with you, with so much heaviness in my heart and you would just let me sob till the tears would flow no more).Of which you still do.
You are the second in my heart....well that is after God, who is the first (then your position would change to the third when i get married because my hubby has to be the second after God who is the first)....LOL....
You are the best MUM, Many one could ever have and some day the best GRANDMA....GREAT GRANDMA....GREAT GREAT GRANDMA....for as long as God wants you to live.....AMEN!!!!!
I know i speak also for my siblings....I love you...your 5 musketeers Love You.....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Forever and a day....................

HE is Gentle, Kind, Patient, Friendly, has a Big heart, Soft spoken, and a Good listener,........The HE and SHE have had their moments of ups and downs but he always finds a way of letting she know that it would all be fine and greater days are yet to come.

SHE is not the perfect girl and she knows it. Which makes her wonder why he sees her above every other girl. He tells her she shines so bright that he wont be needing the sun(na so!!!!)...He calls her Beautiful, Nubian Queen and Sweets....He adores her. Even in her angry moments He is always just there sitting and staring at her waiting for the temper to calm down. Then he smiles to let her know he is not mad.

HE and SHE are they meant for each other is what they ask each other in their minds/heads....Is this it???Its too perfect to be true judging from the previous relationship.....Is HE real or Is SHE real????....But the answer all comes to the fact that its all REAL......

HE pulls her closely looking straight into her eyes and promised her that he would love her FOREVER AND A DAY....Thats all she needed to hear and SHE smiles looking back into his eyes. She has finally gotten all the answers of questions her heart has pondered over for years......

HE is who HE is......*wink wink*

NB:If you want to know him, u just ask nicely and ild tell you

Past or Future....Trust God to mend everything

This is the very first time am gonna blog so i hope you all love my blogs and if you dont, u can still leave ur hate comments along with the good comments *smiling*. Its just random blogging...i doubt ild put my real name for you all but those who know me would know its me blogging......

Ok...enough of the messing around....Am goin to tell a little story about a little gal, a story i was told recently by a friend that touched my heart....

This little gal(who is now an adult) grew up in a broken home, was rapped by her 1st cousin(thats her father' older sister' son) who was staying with them(dnt ask me why cos i dnt know) constantly from age 3 till 6..to the little gal it was just an everyday occurence and she couldnt tell her mama or even her papa....Finally, this cousin goes off to university and she is free but she isnt free from the fights of her parents.

She gets into secondary school a few years later, has life going fine with flying colours but avoids having any fomr of relationship with men like its a plague....She was class captain from JSS 2 - SSS 3 and was even a prefect. She puts all her hurt into being a better person, comes out from secondary school with a result you would call excellent....

Gets admission into the higher institution and there life is very different from what it used to be. She felt exposed and this led to her being very unfriends, nasty & insultive to guys who approached her...She just couldnt imagine anyone touching her after the mental experience she went thru as a child.....But then like the devil wld always be, he sent a Prince charming to her...who inspite of her insults n behaviour was always coming back. He always had the right thing to say and would always wear a smile saying them....One day he gives her a ride to grab some snacks for herself and her friends....this young man suddenly diverts from the ordinary route to her surprise, she asks wats goin on and he replies "oh, i need to drop somethg off just down the road"...Then they get to the supposed place, asks her to come in and she says she wld wait in the car, so he quicky dashes and comes out again....but this time he went straight for her down and started to drag her out of the car and she is like "what are you doin that for?" from no where he dazes her across her face and drags her into his apratment. Striped her of her cloths and raps her over and over....she just laid there crying...she couldnt do anythg....all she felt was afterwards this is life.....he finished his business....even cleaned her up and dressed her back....and takes her home.....

She never saw the guy again but she was broken....she would cry herself to sleep almost every night....but she forgot somthg that there was someone(GOD) who was up above just waiting for her to call upon his name.

The reason why i was told this story was the young lady was asking her friends for advice...she still has recaps and sometimes withdraws from the world thinking of the problems she has experienced from child hood which now followed her to adult hood...she had many other relationships after the rape issue but for her they were all sex based(she felt love didnt exist)....She got a job and then finally she realised her life was not going in the right direction, she cries out to God to help her.

Today this lady is engaged to be married to a good man but she still has her fears, she cant trust him but she has feelings for him that she has never experienced(good ones she says) but the pains of the past are there....should she tell him????..what should she do????