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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Forever and a day....................

HE is Gentle, Kind, Patient, Friendly, has a Big heart, Soft spoken, and a Good listener,........The HE and SHE have had their moments of ups and downs but he always finds a way of letting she know that it would all be fine and greater days are yet to come.

SHE is not the perfect girl and she knows it. Which makes her wonder why he sees her above every other girl. He tells her she shines so bright that he wont be needing the sun(na so!!!!)...He calls her Beautiful, Nubian Queen and Sweets....He adores her. Even in her angry moments He is always just there sitting and staring at her waiting for the temper to calm down. Then he smiles to let her know he is not mad.

HE and SHE are they meant for each other is what they ask each other in their minds/heads....Is this it???Its too perfect to be true judging from the previous relationship.....Is HE real or Is SHE real????....But the answer all comes to the fact that its all REAL......

HE pulls her closely looking straight into her eyes and promised her that he would love her FOREVER AND A DAY....Thats all she needed to hear and SHE smiles looking back into his eyes. She has finally gotten all the answers of questions her heart has pondered over for years......

HE is who HE is......*wink wink*

NB:If you want to know him, u just ask nicely and ild tell you

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