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Friday, January 28, 2011

Iya Miiiii

You went through the Pains and Joys of carrying me in your womb for 9 months.
You watched me grow and say my first word at the age of 4 months "MUMMY" (which you said scared you).
You watched me take my first baby steps at the age of 9 months (i must really have been wierd as a kid).
You where and have always been there every step of the way guiding me through life.
We have fought, argued, gossiped, quarreled but you have always listened and understood me.
You never judged me when i made my decisions (especially when it is school related....lol) but you always give me the best advice (which most atimes i do not adhere to).
You have laughed with me, watched me cry and dried my tears.(remembering those nights and days i would seat with you, with so much heaviness in my heart and you would just let me sob till the tears would flow no more).Of which you still do.
You are the second in my heart....well that is after God, who is the first (then your position would change to the third when i get married because my hubby has to be the second after God who is the first)....LOL....
You are the best MUM, Many one could ever have and some day the best GRANDMA....GREAT GRANDMA....GREAT GREAT GRANDMA....for as long as God wants you to live.....AMEN!!!!!
I know i speak also for my siblings....I love you...your 5 musketeers Love You.....


  1. nice ur mum would love this.am not ya mother but i like it sha

  2. Thanks Martha....am sure she would love it