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Friday, January 28, 2011


We bearly have 4 days to the end of this month January and 337 days to the end of the year 2011. That is we have spend 28 days out of the 365 days we have in this year. What can you say you have achieved or done on earth that if you go back to your creator today, would be accounted for you as Glory???

I remember vividly this time last month (that is 28th December 2010) , when i was all crawled up in bed, where if not with the help of a nebulizer i would not be able to breath all because the devil was beating his chest proudly saying "she would not make it to 2011" but God being ever faithful told him "Not this one, she has not yet completed the work that i brought her to this earth to do and even so her life is entirely in my hands not yours".....

I am so sure not many people had the same privilege i had to make it to this new year 2011 and some who even made it are not alive to see this day. I cannot count how many deaths i have heard about right from the 2nd of January 2011 till this very moment i am typing this.

How many of you wake up every morning and Thank God?
How many of you go out and are able to make it back home?
How many of you go to bed at night and still Thank God?

We take life for granted many atimes forgetting that our life is in God's hands.

I for one is guilty of this offence but i have learnt to correct my wrong and embrace everyday that i wake up breathing without any medical help to Thank God.

We should make it a habit to Thank God for everything. The bible says "In All Things Give Thanks"...The Bible did not say "In some things give thanks"....I know the economy may seem hard, there is no food to eat, no money to buy cloths, or pay the school fees, house rents are hiking up, baby daipers are too expensive, there are no job vacancies...ETC....You just keep thanking him.....

You may ask what for?...What has God done for me that i am thanking him???.....Go Pay a Visit to Orthopedic Specialist Hospital (you would see people who cannot walk or have lost certain parts of their body) or You take a drive down Akin Adesola Street, Like from where the Ikoyi bridge ends and the street begins like 3am (you would see many people sleeping peacefully because they have no home)...There are many other things i would ask you to do but all i would still be saying is in all things thank God....

He sees everything and he would surely answer your prayers....Do not give up on God because he would not give up on you.

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